Starting Line Ratio Calculator

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Use this calculator to see what your starting line ratio is.
You can also use a different tire height to see how it affects the SLR
(see the effects of tire height change without changing the rear gear ratio)

Starting Line Ratio Calculator

** - Input same tire diameter as the original tire diameter, if not changing tire diameters - **

Input DATA Please
SLR Calculator

First Gear Ratio:

 Rear End Gear Ratio:

 Tire Diameter:


 New Tire Diameter:

Inches **

Real SLR              

SLR of New Tire  

A 9-10-11 range SLR is desirable.

The SLR of New Tire is what the SLR would be if
taking the different tire diameter were taken into account.
(like changing the rear gear or 1st gear)

For a clutch type vehicle this works good. Some racing automatics, the torque converter has an effect on the ratio. With a higher stall converter, the ratio can be smaller, making a rear gear able to be a higher gear for more top end.

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