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Calculator For Figuring the Cross Sectional Area of Ports with no Choke Point From RPM

Todays date is 9/25/2023

Cross Sectional Area equals the minimum cross sectional area of your intake port. (length times width)
This is most times your push rod area, but not always.

For a more accurate calculation try Larry Meaux's Pipe Max.
His program is excellent and will provide a lot of info.
Pipe Max

Enter your Max RPM you Want

Enter RPM:   
Enter Bore:   
Enter Stroke:   

Input you Bore/Stroke and RPM please

To Figure Your Minimum Cross Sectional Area (CA) of your Intake Port

    Make all measurements in inches,
and convert fractions to decimal numbers.
1-1/4 = 1.25
2-3/16 = 2.1875
(1 4) + 1
(3 16) + 2

Rectangular/Square runners     To calculate the cross-sectional area of rectangular and square runner profiles, measure the width and the height of the runner, and multiply the two together.

Measure in inches!

Runner width:
Runner height:
Runner Area: square inches (calculated)
Area = Width X Height

To measure Round Ports

Round runners     To calculate the cross-sectional area of round runners, measure the diameter of the runner, divide by two, multiply the result by itself, then multiply that by 3.14.

Measure in inches!

Runner diameter:
Runner Area: sq inches (calculated)
Area = (Diameter 2)2 X 3.14

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