Calculate Discharge of Coefficient of Valve

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Try this excellent book for more info: A. Graham Bell’s Performance Tuning in Theory and Practice..

For accurate calculations try Larry Meaux's Pipe Max.
His program is excellent and will provide a lot of info.
Pipe Max

The most important lift range is from start to finish. 
Attempting to place emphasis on one particular part of the over all lift curve is a mistake. 

Can you give up a little on the bottom of the curve to make it flow more up top? 
Yes but not much! You want the highest Coefficient of Discharge you can get. Period. 

 You want the window area exposed to the cylinder as efficient as possible. 
Speaking hypothetically, if your Coefficient Discharge is higher, you could use a cam with less duration not more. 

Valve Diameter:
Head Flow at 28 inches:
Lift At Flow:
Discharge Coefficient:   Input All Values please