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Pics Of MR-1 Block

Check out the new MR-1 Pontiac block from Kauffman Racing!

More information will be coming out soon on the K&M Performance Parts website (new home of MR-1 Block) regarding availability as well as general product information.
These pics are provided by Kevin Swaney of Tin Indian Performance

The MR1

Front view

Oil Filter Pad view

Clutch Ball Mount view

Bottom view

Freeze Plug view

Side view

Side view

Highlights/key features of the MR-1 Pontiac block:
1.  The block is made from a different/stronger material
2.  The caps on the MR-1 block are doweled
3.  The clutch ball does not go into the water jacket
4.  Both stock and aftermarket oil filter housings fit - no extra grinding required
5.  Freeze plugs are pressed in
6.  The rear bulkhead is heavier and thicker
7.  Cylinders bores are notched out so that you can run a large stroke with aluminum rods
8.  The deck is approximately 5/8" thick
9.  The minimum bore size available is 4.145 so that you can hone to 4.150
10. You will be able to order your block in your desired bore size
11. The freeze plugs on this block are directly in line. 
    This is different from stock and other aftermarket blocks. 
12. The water passage holes are precisely placed in the correct location to 
    align with the water passages in the heads. No special machine work is required 
    to allow for proper water flow. Head studs do not penetrate into the water jacket.
13. Additional material has been added to the front of the block
14. The lifter galley is 1" thick with the addition of 3 reinforcement ribs
15. Siamese cylinder walls that allow up to 4.375" bores without grouting the block

Best of all the block accepts all standard Pontiac parts!

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Created on ... March 02, 2005