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Pontiac POWER Rules!

Steve Barcak's Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster

Ralph Aguirre's Trans Am

My Trans-Am is a 1973 model; Cameo White with Saddle interior.  It is a factory 4-spd car that came with a "standard" 455.  It now has an SD-455.
Pontiac made this car with no A/C, so the SD is free to do what it does best.
The rear end was beefed up with Moser axles, a c-clip eliminator and 3.90 Richmond gears.
Thanks,  Ralph Aguirre 

Dan Collin's 1968 EFI Firebird

To date I have port fuel injected the engine using a torker manifold , a
custom thottle body I milled up and a delco computer , this picked up 60 HP
from 1500rpm to 5000rpm with no other mods with the added benefit of a
couple of extra mpg.
We are going to stroke it with a 455 crank (was 400) while we do the

I built the engine for Jason about 12 years ago and converted it to
injection about 6 months ago.
it turned out real well , about the only thing I will change is the fuel
rails as they look a bit agricultural.
Then engine was a fairly mild 400 that I did a moderate port clean up on ,
it put out a measly 220hp at the rear wheels before the injection (which
lifted it to 280 hp ) but fries the tyres with ease in all gears . I think
it had done a 14.2 et years ago on street tyres.

Anyway the timing cover coroded internally causing the coolant to bypass on
one bank , we stripped it expecting to find blown head gasket ( I though I
might have beat up on it while doing the engine mapping on the dyno) but
there were no problems internally . I thought we would freshen it up while
it was apart . one thing led to another and the decision has been made to
try and find a 455 short or a 455 crank that will fit in the 400 block and
to slot a bit more of a cam into it as the injection has totally transformed
the drivability of the car.

The injection I put together using a delco 1227165 ecu out of the tuned port
chev engine  , I then modified the code to use a map sensored system on it
like the later tuned port and LT1 use.
I ran the car on the dyno changing fuel and ignition while the engine is
running  to find max power and best fuel economy / timing for each load
point and rpm - took about 4 -5 hrs on the dyno to get it 90% right. After I
did that I burnt a new program into the chip .

I have been mucking around with installing blowers on the new (here anyway)
LS1 this last couple of months - looks like they were done more by Ponty
engineers rather than Chevy ones

Daniel Collins

Chris Ritter's 1974 SD455 Trans Am

Chris 'critter' Ritter's 1974 455 SD Trans Am. A beautiful car that has won many awards.
He is also president of a new club in Arkansas.
Arkansas Pontiac Association

Joe Thum's 1966 Lemans Convertible

Here is a shot of my 66 lemans. 
The future holds an upgrade to a 400, 
and yes I will be getting rid of the wire wheels! 
This thing has been in storage since 1988 and 
I am the third owner. Not bad for $4800.00! 

Billy Studdard's 1980 Grand Prix

1980 Grad Prix 40 over 455 turbo 400,3:55 gear NO NITROUS has ran a best of 11:50 in street trim 

Billy Studdard     
Ruthless Racing 
Monroe Ga 

Gary Young's 1969 GTO

69 GTO had it since 17 now 35  has 455 bored .30 over 400 turbo 2800 stall
 12 bolt posi 4.11 gear and something for Johnny law TO READ DRAG-EM  
ON the liscense plates heheheheehhehe  
Thank's Gary Young

David and Brenda Back's 1984 Trans Am

1984 TA.
Brenda & David Back


I have a 1979 firebird formula with a 78 6.6 400.

Crank - 10/20
Block -  bore 30
cam - 214/224  272/282  442/465
true roller timing chain
edlebrock pontiac preformer intake
stock Quadrojet
summit headers
th350  w/ B & M Transpack
3.23 posi

mike dawg

Michael Jones of Athens, AL.

I have a Red 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400

Kool Aid

Bjorn Sefeldt's 1969 Firebird Convertible

   1969  Convertible Firebird ( was 350) , is 400 now 
   TH350 automatic 
   ...was once midnight green w dark green 'resale' red w black top & interior
   Engine is a 1972 model 400 , so not as powerful as 69 ,but runs good
   ...14K miles on engine now, no a/c.
   ...had the car for 2 years, keep working on it , "almost done"
Bjorn Sefeldt 
Houston Texas

Bryan Jones 1977 Trans Am

I own a 1977 T/A and I love it. The car was
actually produced the day after I was, so it holds some sentimental value.

Tony Morella's 1965 GTO

Steve Johnson's 1965 GTO

Robert Rife's 1967 Firebird

My name is Robert Rife and this is my 67 Firebird that is still in progress.  
It has a 455 bored .30 over with 6X heads that have a mild port job and been milled .30 
to bring up the compression to about 9.8.  On top of the motor is a 2 stage bigshot nitrous 
system I have yet to run.  The cam is a .525 lift solid from comp cams with 248 degrees of 
duration at .50.  I have a 3000 stall with a turbo 400 behind the engine and then 4.10 12 bolt posi.  
The car also has a 10 point cage and the frame is all tied together.   So far my best time has 
been an 11.78 at 115 mph on the motor alone.  This time was run with a BF Goodrich Drag radial 
on the rear size 295/65/15.  After I get the body work and interior finished it will go to be 
painted a gray similar to the color on the Harley Davidson Ford pickups.  Hope to have it 
finished over the winter as I want to race it for the rest of the summer.  I will be priming 
the body all black for the remainder of the summer so it looks a little nicer 
while I play and work on it.
Robert Rife
p.s.  Sorry it don't look as good as all your other cars in your site, but for most of this cars 
life it was used as a street racer and was a great sleeper.  I have become smarter with age and 
moved off the street to the track.


1973 455 4 speed with especially rare ASC electric sunroof


1973 Firebird Formula 400 from Holland.

This was taken during a streetrace.

Larry Zunk's 1956 Pontiac and Vette

Check out his web site!  Larry Zunk's site

1956 Pontiac 
3660 LBS 
10.67 et 
126 MPH 
Beat record holder "Whatley Brothers" Camaro in 2D/HR in final round of 1971 AHRA Spring Nationals 
at Bill Hielschers Green Valley Race City in Smithfield Texas. Garlets won Top Fuel...I think... 

And his 66 vette with a Pontiac engine!

When I won at the AHRA Spring Nats.(1st paint job pics) it had a .030 over 389 (re-man. short block) 
with hyd. cam, my own head work. 
The next winter I repainted (2ed paint job pics) it and built a .030 over 428" 4-bolt with Howards rods, 
Ram Air IV heads, Doug Nash intake and Holley 4500, Isky Roller 300 deg. Cam and Crower 1:7 roller rockers 
for a Ford. Had everything on the bottom balanced and clearanced (.080 side clearance on the rods). 
Rebuilt (by me) iron distributor with points and Accell coil. Used a Turbo 400 with my own valve body 
mods and a variable pitch stator converter (from a taxi) with manual switch right next to the line 
lock switch on a home made shifter. Dana_44 w/4:54 rear gear. 
Max torque and shift point was about 5800 rpm. The car ran a best of 10.67 and very consistent 10.70s. 
Sometimes the only thing I did between rounds was open the hood to cool it down. Ran it for a couple 
of years then sold the car body and put motor and trans in the vett. It ran a few 10:0s. 
Then some guy wanted the Vett more than I did and I again kept the motor and trans. 
The motor then went into a 32 roadster that was too dangerous to drive. 
Ran it 3 times, couldn't keep the front end on the ground. Broke an axel and almost rode the rail. 
Next I put the same motor/trans in a 67 Goat and sold the whole thing the day I got it running. 
That was about 1977 or 78. 
Thanks, Larry Zunk

George Rajala's 1972 Buick


My name is George Rajala, and I really enjoyed your web site, especially all the tech info. 
I have attached two pictures of my car. I know it's not a Pontiac, and I know it's a 4 door. 
But here's why you might consider it...

This car is a street sleeper, all the way.

On the outside, it's a 4 door 1972 Buick Skylark dyed-in-the-wool granny mobile, 
right down to the green paint and the rain deflectors above the windows. 


Under the hood lives a 69 Pontiac 400, 10:1 compression, with a mild (street) crane cam, 
214/224 duration @ .050, .442/.465 lift, Edelbrock performer intake with a Q-jet, Accel HEI, 
Summit headers followed by a 2 1/2" dual exhaust & Thrush turbo mufflers, TH350 trans (stock), 
8.5" 10 bolt rear with a Powertrax locker and 3.08:1 gears.

The engine only puts out about 335 hp @ 4500 rpm, but as anyone who has ever owned a 
Pontiac 400 knows, puts out around 430 lb/ft of torque from 2000 to 4000 rpm. 
That's enough to launch this car to 60 in 5.5 sec, 13.96 @ 102 in the quarter, 
on street tires (when I actually successfully hook up!). While this isn't especially 
fast for the strip, it sure surprises * a lot * of Honda's 
(and even a few Mustangs / Camaro's / T/A's, etc!). 
All this, and a/c, p/s, and a smooth idle! Gotta luv Pontiac power!

I am currently building an EFI system for this engine, and I plan on installing a 
MSD ignition triggered by the EFI computer. Hopefully it will be in the car this spring. 
This engine is starting to get tired (225k miles!), and I may replace it with a low 
compression Pontiac 350 I currently have sitting in my garage, and add a pair of 
Garrett T03 or T04 turbos. Time will tell - it's sooo hard to go backwards on cubes! 
(Maybe I should look for a low compression 400...;-)

Thanx for the site, keep it up!

Paul Cleveland's 1958 and 1960 Bonnevilles

1958 Bonneville


1960 Bonneville


My '58 Bonneville is not a racer but it is restored to new condition.  
The frame-off restoration took 9 years and was completed in 2000.  
I have put only 600 miles on it since then. 
My '60 Bonneville was restored to be a daily driver.  It is a partial restoration.  
The frame and engine compartment have been cleaned up but are not like new.  
I added tri-power but the engine has a lot of miles on it and next year 
I'm going to have it rebuilt. 
Pontiacs definitely rule.
Paul Cleveland

Carrie and Mike's Kool Kats

Cool Kat side view


Kool Kat Front view


Kool Kat back view


Mike's Kool Kat


Carrie's Kool Kat


 We have had this car nearly two years, and have done a lot to the car 
with more to come in the future.  I am going to enclose some shots of the car taken last fall at the Blast 
with the Past KKOA in Dennison, Texas where we came home with the best unfinished award.
When we bought this car is was a stock Aqua and Rust 66 Catalina, it has been slammed, shaved and bullets 
added to the wheels, grill, tail lights and steering wheel button.  Right now we call this an old skool 
custom, and about as close to a Rat Rod as you can get with the interior done in indian blankets, and the 
primer jobs we have done so far.  Future plans, chopping the top, finishing off the interior, and painting 
the car, but please don't ask Roundman what color, the man has a terrivle time commiting to color.  Today if 
you ask him you will get a blank look and his answer is "Primer is a color!!!". 
I am also enclosing a toon of Kool Kat done by a great guy in Arkansas, one is plain, but the flame job is 
out of this guys mind, and Roundman is going to make this guys imagination come true, he absolutely love the 
end product.  So without furthur ado, meet Kool Kat.

Tiffani Leadingham's 1984 TA

Hey! My name is Tiffani Leadingham. This is my Trans Am. 
It's a 1984 and I love it! Please put this on your readers rides page. Thanks.

Sam Campanella's 1964 GTO

Here are some pics and a short video of 
my 64 GTO if you would like to put them on your site.  The engine view is old.  It now has new 
Kauffman aluminum D-Ports.  Runs Strong.
Take care,
Sam Campanella
Erie, Pa.

64 GTO Ride

Darryl's Cars

The 68 is wearing a 69 TA paint scheme and is 
powered with a 68 428 4 bolt pirated from a 68 GP SJ/LJ HO, #13 heads. Holley 950 pro,Torker II, t400, 
3800 stall, pro stick shifter, 3.90 eaton posi 10 bolt, 3" flowmaster, fuel cell chromemoly cage, DOT 
29" tall Hoosiers.11.74 @114 best, street tires through the exaust pump gas.
 The 67 is powered by a .30 over  455, #96 heads, 4 Speed M21 wide ratio.holley 800 DP, 3.42 GEARED 10 
BOLT Posi.This car is AC Delete, tilt column, front disc brakes,power trunk, FACTORY TRACTION BARS, 
 Dont ask me which one I like most, its a toss up.With gas $2.50 a gallon and I have 900 cubic inch 
under my carport who cares. I will drive them if its $6.00 a gallon.

John Peterson's Car

This car belongs to my 14 year old son J.J. Peterson. It is putting out around 500 H.P. 
The car is a factory 4 speed car running a 400 CID engine with Crane cam, dual carbs, headers, 
ported heads with 2.11 intake valves and 1.77 exhaust valves and forged lower end. He's put about $10K 
of his own money in the car. He's had some help from his family and friends with the labor.
This car was shown at Kool April Nites in Redding CA. last month and will show again at the Tiger run
 in Redmond OR. this Memorial Day weekend. The car is cherry inside and out. He will be painting it 
Aleutian Blue this summer.
I think this is amazing considering he's not even old enough to drive yet.
He's a heck of a mechanic.
John Peterson

Shawn Baird's Car

Hello,my name is Shawn 
I live in Minnesota,this is my 68 firebird 400 stock block and 16 heads just a cam, intake and headers and 
3;73 12bolt it runs very street worthy and it idles excellent-my best time is 12;02@110 with 26 inch slicks.
I kept this and sold my 70 GTO Judge Ram Air IV with 42,000 miles(I cant just look at them I have to drive 

Mark Oakhill's 1980 Trans Am

This is my 80 model Trans Am OAK FROM BRISBANE AUSTRALIA

William Luckenbaugh's Catalina

Its a 68 Catalina still runnin strong with its completely original 150,000 mile drive train,
400 2bl, 400 turbo, 2.43 open diff, and its my every day driver.


When I had found the 1980 TA, it had been sitting under a pine tree for 7yrs. 
The passenger side of the car was covered in pine tar. The original 301 turbo was 
replaced for a 400. Upgrades that I have done are as follows: Bored over .30, 
Brand new crank and core, Roller Rockers, Rocker Cam, Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor, 
K&N Air Filter, Complete MSD Ignition System, Excel 8mm Spark Plug Wires, all around new 
weather stripping, new Snowflake rims, 3'' Exhaust with original chrome tips. 
Dunlop GT Qualifier T Tires. Vehicle still has original paint and decals, working AM/FM 
8 track radio, t-tops, Black Leather seats.

Thanks a lot,

Shawn Kniesly

I am currently building a 1962 Pontiac Tempest LeMans tube chassis drag car. 
The cage itself is set up to the 7.50 e.t. 1/4 mile requirements. Anything faster than that, 
I have to go to a chrom-molly chassis. It has a Ford 9" w/ a Strange Nodular case, 
35 spline Moser axels, 4:33 Richmond Gears, a full Moser spool. It is equipped with Aero Space 
rear disc brakes, and Strange front disc brakes. It is riding on Weld Pro Star wheels, 
with Mickey Thompson tires, 15x33x18.5 Street ET's on the rear, and 15x3.5 Sportsmans up front. 
We will be putting in our 455 Pontiac, that is bored .030. We are using #62 heads, with an Indian 
Adventures "Big Chief" cam and lifters. We are also using a 400 TH with a 3,500 stall and trans 
brake. We are hoping to be racing this 2007 season, in the Division 5 NHRA circuit. 
As well as Pontiac type drag events.
Shawn Kniesly
Pontiac Owners Association
Omaha, Nebraska
POA <---Old Archive Site
POA <---Newly Built Site

Bob & Bettie Johnson

I bought this Goat out of Ga. as a basket case. After a major resurrection of 6 years off  
and on [or as I had money] it now goes to shows and around town it turns a lot of heads. 
Currently is running a 400 bored .40, #16 heads,Crane fire Ball cam, 1.5 ratio rockers home 
made 8 qt. pan and sump,with 2 1/2" flow masters. Totally frame off resto.
Thanks Bob & Bettie Johnson

Sam Mudlin's Cars


I get a kick out of your site and thought I'd send you pics of my new toy.  
2002 Trans Am with WS6 and 6 speed manual.  The car has 35,000 miles and all original.  
The paint is perfect as is the interior.  
A sweet ride!

Sam Mudlin

Jim Seymour's 1980 TA

I  rescued my 1980 Trans Am after spotting it peeking out from under a tarp beside a garage twenty 
miles from my home.  All the front sheet metal was missing as well as the engine (301 4bbl.), 
most of the interior,tires and wheels. With the help of a roll back and two pick up truckloads of 
parts  it took up residence in my garage for about ten years. It is powered by a .030 over  balanced 
400 w/ forged pistons, crane cam (288/302 duration @ .050). Harland sharp roller rockers, Edelbrock 
performer intake, Holley 750 carb, Hooker headers and #13 cylinder heads. A Turbo 400 W/ a T.C.I. 
streetfighter transmit the power to 3.73:1  richmond gears. A lot of work, time , money,and support 
from my wife and kids turned a dream into a reality.  A real blast to drive with lots of torque  and 
12.5 mpg, If you can resist smokin' the tires .
Jim Seymour
Harrisville, NY

Achim's 1977 Trans Am

Greetings from Germany!

This is my 1977 T/A, before and after 3 years.
Engine is a 400, from a 1969 GTO

Mats Broberg

Low your site,I'm a proud owner of a 303 engine aswell.
Have total of 3 ram air V engines,one 550 and 507 in reserve and 303 for fun.

Hi,my 69 GP is parted.
The 550 are for the car,estimated 800-1000 HP.
The 507 build on spare parts,are reserve engine.
The 303 are for fun,possible to use in a ski boat.

Mats from Sweden

Gary Howell's 1969 GTO

 Here is a photo of my Liberty Blue '69 GTO taken at a place up near Tipton called "Summer Place" and the second one is from my back yard last summer.  
It's the same Ram Air IV GTO I emailed you about.  
I have been into Pontiacs since I was 16 years old.  

Phillip Morone's 1979 Firebird Formula

My name is Phillip Morone, and this is my 1979 firebird formula.  
Only has 52000 original miles, picked it up in Detroit in November 
(originally made in Detroit which is kinda cool).  
And this is one of the original formulas.  
Love your site, thanks.

Lorin Budzinski's 1981 Grand Prix

Our 1981 GP was fully streetable and licensed until last year when we decided to go race only.
In street form, with closed exhaust, it ran 10.70's at 123 in good air.
This was at a race weight of 3475, with 3.5 rear end, 3" exhaust to the rear bumper and a 10" Coan , "holeshot" type converter.
We shifted at 5400 rpm.

The race version is a stroked 400 with most of the part from the strret engine, but with higher compression and more cam. Initial outing gave us a 10.40 at 129, we hope to improve that in 2011.

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