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Timing Mark Calculator


Degree Cam Calculator

This calculator is used to determine the measurement of an advanced or retard degree setting on a harmonic

damper.  If you determine TDC (Top Dead Center) and check the damper, then you may use this calculator

to give you the information to scribe the exact degree setting you would like to run.

You could also input the ICL of your cam and use the resulting mark to check the cam degree.

Example: if cam is installed at 110 degree ICL use the diameter of your damper and 110 to see where the mark will be to the right of the TDC mark.

At this mark the highest lift of the intake cam lobe should be at 110 degrees BTDC.

Once you have determined Top Dead Center with a dial indicator or other means and installed the harmonic damper with a timing tab, this calculator will determine your exact mark at whatever degree you indicate in the calculator.


Diameter of your harmonic damper:  

(example:  answer will be in whatever unit of measurement used)

What degree setting to figure for your mark?:

(example:  36 for 36 degrees)

 Please Input The Diameter of the damper